HOLY WEEK & EASTER SCHEDULE:  Reservations are required and seating will be assigned.  Here are the links to sign up to attend Mass and/or volunteer to be a Eucharistic Minister, a Server, or an Usher during Holy Week & Easter:

Palm Sunday 27/28 March  https://stambrosegodfrey.flocknote.com/signup/45956

Palm Sunday 27/28 March Ushers   https://stambrosegodfrey.flocknote.com/signup/45958

Holy Thursday 1 April  https://stambrosegodfrey.flocknote.com/signup/45959

Good Friday 2 April  https://stambrosegodfrey.flocknote.com/signup/45960

Easter Vigil 8:00 pm  https://stambrosegodfrey.flocknote.com/signup/45961

Easter Sunday 7:00 am   https://stambrosegodfrey.flocknote.com/signup/45964

Easter Sunday 9:00 am  https://stambrosegodfrey.flocknote.com/signup/45965

Easter Sunday 11:00 am  https://stambrosegodfrey.flocknote.com/signup/45966