Distance and Virtual Learning

Virtual learning is a tool that can assist students that are sick or are missing school for some other reason.  While away from school, students may connect to virtual learning to ensure they are missing as little academic content as possible. If a student is sick or needs to be in virtual learning for the day, please contact the school office by 8:30 a.m. so that we may ensure the student connects with the teacher and the class.

Students and parents may “opt out” of in-person learning, in favor of distance/virtual learning if there are documented medical concerns regarding a child. To request virtual learning, please contact the school office. Once a student has opted out of in-person learning, they will be required to spend a minimum of two weeks in the distance/virtual learning setting. After that period, they would be eligible to return to in-
person learning.

Students that are sick for a short time or are away from school on a planned absence may connect to virtual learning on a day to day basis.

Students in distance/virtual learning will connect to class by using Google Meet. They will submit assignments and access class content on Google Classroom. As much as possible, they will be included in all things with their class and school. We at St. Ambrose will make the educational experience as similar as possible for those in distance/virtual learning. Occasionally there will be things that only those in person can benefit from or experience. We will attempt to avoid this as much as possible.  

Possibly the most important thing that can be done for a student in virtual learning is for the parents or supervising adults to create an environment that is conducive to learning. The student needs a quiet setting that minimizes distractions or disruptions. Uniforms assist in this process. We strongly recommend wearing uniforms during any day(s) of virtual learning as this can make it seem more like school and encourages a school like mindset. We understand that virtual learning likely comes with many challenges for parents, guardians and other trusted adults that assist with supervision. If a uniform adds to that challenge, students out of uniform will face no consequences. For those not in uniform, clothing must be appropriate, including no pajamas or nightclothes, no hats, and clothing must be modest in appearance and free of inappropriate content.

Students in distance/virtual learning are required to attend classes and complete assignments daily. Any absences must be communicated to the school office and the student’s teacher.