Each sport requires a registration fee, sports physical prior to game play, and academic eligibility.  

The registration fee is $45 for each sport, except for golf which is $55.

Each team is assigned a volunteer coach and concession stand work hours for parents

Athletic Consent and Liability Form.

2022-23 Athletic Handbook


Cross Country (Girls and Boys, Grades 5-8)

Students in grades 5-8th can now participate in cross county.  For any interested girl or boy, email Athletic Director Nick Baggio at .  Meets will be held in August and September. Most meets will be in Edwardsville and Belleville. Participants will run with teams outside the conference since not every school participates in CC. Matt Brown will be the coach for Cross County. Thus far, St Ambrose is signed up for 4-5 races. More information will be available once we have a better understanding of the number of participants. Practices will be held at Glazebrook Park and occasionally at Gordon Moore Park.  

Golf (Girls and Boys, Grades 6-8)

Golf is now available for boys and girls in grades 6-8.  Our home course will be Rolling Hills (executive course). Rick Martin (golf pro) and Mr. Baggio are meeting this week to finalize the remaining details. Teams participating in golf are OLQP, St. Mary’s Alton, and St. Boniface. We are also looking for a head coach for the golf team.  If interested in coaching or your student participating, email Athletic Director Nick Baggio at .

Baseball (Boys, Grades 6-8)

For any boys grades 6-8 interested in playing baseball, please send Athletic Director Nick Baggio an email at .  Practices start in late July, and games will be played in August and September. The season will conclude September 17th. There will be a 10-12 game schedule. We will play teams from our SSCAC conference as well as a few public middle schools in our region. We have a few feelers out for coaches. Home games will be played at Glazebrook Park. 

Winter Basketball Information  

We are looking for coaches for the following grades for our upcoming Winter basketball season; (4G, 5B, 5G, 6B). We are seeking at least 2 coaches per team. The individuals must have fingerprints on file before the season begins. If interested, please contact Nick Baggio at  or Joe Monroe at .



Track & Field (Girls and Boys, Grades 5-8)

Mr. Nick Baggio and Mr. Matt Brown are able to volunteer as Assistant Coaches, but we are in need of a head coach.  Please message Mr. Baggio if you are interested in coaching or if you have any questions.  He may be reached at  


The purposes of school-sponsored athletic programs are to teach the skills of games, to foster healthy exercise, to teach fair play, and to provide enjoyment for students. Athletic programs that deny certain students these opportunities, or that exert undue pressures on students, are inconsistent with these purposes.

School-sponsored athletic programs are part of the school curriculum and are subject to the policies of the pastor and Board of Education. They are among the general administrative responsibilities of the principal of the school.

Further, school-sponsored athletic programs are to be guided by the general curriculum goals of the school and should in no way detract from the academic and religious goals of the school.

Academic and religious policies and norms for students participating in these programs are established by the pastor and principal and enforced by the principal.

The athletic program is open to all students who are members of St. Ambrose Catholic School. Students who do not attend St. Ambrose Catholic School are not eligible to participate in athletics.

The Athletic Director, hired by the pastor reports to both the pastor and principal, has the authority to manage and maintain the sports program of the school in accordance with the policies and procedures of St. Ambrose Catholic School.

Should an issue arise concerning a child’s participation on a team, the first contact to be made is with the student’s coach. If the difficulty persists or cannot be resolved at this level, it shall be presented to the Athletic Director. Should a resolution still not be reached, the principal shall be contacted. The final authority in all programs at St. Ambrose shall rest with the pastor, whose assistance should be requested only after bringing the situation without a satisfactory resolution to the attention of the other levels of authority. At such a meeting with the pastor, all other parties involved shall be present.

The Athletic Association is a parent group whose purpose is to advise the Athletic Director and assist him/her in providing the athletic program for the students at St. Ambrose Catholic School. This includes, but is not limited to, supervision of games, provision of concessions, and other fund raising projects, maintenance of equipment and uniforms, providing special events, paying bills incurred by the program, and keeping an accurate accounting of funds and records. The leadership of the Association includes a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and a representative from each of the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade parent groups.  Should you be interested in joining this group, please contact the current Athletic Director, Nick Baggio. 

The athletic program is self-supporting. Students wishing to play are assessed a fee for each sport for each season of play. These funds are used to purchase equipment, uniforms, and other supplies. Funds provided by the Catholic Athletic League in return for the use of the St. Ambrose gymnasium are provided to St. Ambrose Parish to pay the cost of utilities and maintenance of the gymnasium during the games.

Thank You,

Bob Baird, Principal

Nick Baggio, Athletic Director