Each year, monetary gifts from our M.A.G.I.C. Match sponsors help to fund EXTRA learning and enrichment materials for our classrooms and learning areas, as well as special projects or field trips that may not be possible without your M.A.G.I.C. commitment. We are once again excited to partner with families and businesses to support our school and our dedicated teachers.

Our 2021-2022 Sponsors are ...

PreK 3 Mrs. Jacobs ~ Judy Clark ~ In memory of her husband, James B. Clark
PreK4 Mrs. Smith~ Terry and Noncy Dooling
Kindergarten Mrs. Bachman ~ Deacon Bill & Pat Kessler
Kindergarten Mrs. Hoefert ~ The grandparents of Sophie & Marlie Hoefert, Papa and Tutu, Shawn and Nancy Hanlon
1st Grade Mrs. Tucker ~ Anonymous
2nd Grade Mrs. Murphy ~ In memory of Ralph & Joyce Zerr ~ With Love from Janet Zerr and Kathy & Joe Wittich Family
3rd Grade Mrs. Baird ~ Mark & Rebecca Terry
3rd Grade Mrs. Rose ~ Dan & Pat Clasby
4th Grade Mrs. Fessler ~ River Bend Chiropractic Center - Dr. Stephanie Monroe & Mr. Joe Monroe
4th Grade Mrs. Kane ~ Deacon Jay & Kim Wackerly
5th Grade Mrs. Stilwell ~ Urvana Morales, Los tres amigos
6th Grade Mrs. Blevins ~ Anthony & Beth Joehl
6th Grade Mrs. Wielgus ~ Greg and Georgia Adams
7th Grade Ms. Leeds ~ Dan & Pat Clasby
8th Grade Mr. Frost ~ Mr. & Mrs. Carter
Art Mrs. Preston ~ Mr. & Mrs. Tom Bechtold & Cynthia Gelsthorpe
Library ~ Mr. Mike Stephan
Music Mrs. Preston ~ Rob & Beth Holtz
Physical Education Mrs. Pantone ~ Knight of Columbus Godfrey Council 7804
Technology ~ Anonymous


Would you be able to "adopt" a class?

Make your tax-deductible M.A.G.I.C. donation of $500.00 (paid once or monthly throughout the school year) by CLICKING HERE or send a check to the Parish Office with "MAGIC Match" marked in the memo

Questions? Email Mel Bechtold at 

Your name or business will be framed and displayed outside and inside your "adopted" classroom, added to the "Giving Tree" display located at the entrance to the School, and you will be recognized at special events during the school year.  Please make sure to indicate how you would like your name(s) to read when recognized or if you'd like to remain anonymous.