The State of Illinois is moved to Phase 5 on Friday, June 11, 2021.  We have returned to full capacity and all Sacraments are to be celebrated in in accord with the General Instruction of the Roman Missal and the rubrics as provided in the Roman Missal and the pertinent liturgical books.

What does this mean for St. Ambrose?

  • Holy Water will be returned to Church Entrances with the water being blessed at the 4:30 pm Mass
  • Servers will process and take part in the liturgy
  • Usher’s will be taking up collections during Mass
  • FACE COVERINGS AT MASS - The CDC and IDPH encourages all children and adults to wear a face covering (mask) INDOORS whether vaccinated or not. We encourage all parishioners to wear a face covering when at Mass. Face coverings are an encouragement, not a requirement. The seating arrangement at St. Ambrose allows for safe distancing in sections C, D and E. "Open seating" is available in sections A, B and F.
  • Eucharistic Ministers still need to wear face mask.  Not everyone is vaccinated
  • The top of the pews (high touch areas) will be wiped. We will discontinue wiping seats and kneelers
  • Children’s envelopes will be available soon
  • See Father Steve Janoski for individual dispensations
  • Full congregational singing is suspended at this time

Please remember we MUST consider those still at risk