Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Ambrose,

Mass for the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time was live streamed at 4:30 p.m. today and here’s the link: Sunday Mass


Please check out the Sunday bulletin by following this link:  Bulletin


I realize my homily from last weekend on what “Vote Pro-Life” means for a Catholic and the difficult decisions one faces in the upcoming election would spur discussion.  It has also incited more anti-Catholic sentiment among some, primarily among those who don’t really know that “Pro-Life” is just that: PRO LIFE.  It is unfortunate that we can no longer agree to disagree with respect.  Sadly, even some of our own parishioners take offense at what’s written on our marquee.  I believe if everyone would take the time to do their homework, they’d better understand what the Catholic Church stands for…and how we have been and will continue to be the face of Christ especially to those in need or in crisis.  Pro-Life is Pro-Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth and the LIFE. 


Here are some links from the Diocesan website regarding voting one’s conscience.

Bishop Paprocki's Message

US Conference of Catholic Bishops

Catholic Conference in Illinois


Health Updates:

Jeanne Rynders’ surgery went well and she is now recuperating.

Myra Griffon asks that prayers for her husband David continue.


From Amy Bohn regarding her husband, Patrick

“I apologize -someone informed me that my posts about Patrick show up as ‘content not available ‘. Not trying to vague post....I'm doing my best, I have very little patience with technology... Patrick is not in a good place...the second reconstruction surgery he had a day ago is now a mess as well. We have lots of unknowns, lots of fear and sadness going on right now. Just know....please know....we are begging for some prayers and miracles from anyone and everyone. Thank you..”


God bless you!  Stay healthy and stay strong in your commitment to Jesus Christ!