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Ushers minister to people attending Sunday Mass by assisting with seating and helping them in their preparation for the liturgy, gathering the offertory collection and aiding and helpful information. A workshop is provided for those interested in becoming Ushers. Ushers serve on a rotating basis at the Masses of their choice.  Contact Deacon Jay at or the parish office at 466-2921.  Click this link to view A Training for Ushers (Includes Ushering at Christmas) powerpoint or view each of the video clips below.

Part A:

Part B:

Seating Chart When Assigned Seating is Necessary

Sections A to F, Rows a to g, Seats 1 to 15


Altar Server

Students of the parish are invited to serve once they have received Eucharist. They are encouraged to continue serving into High School and even as adult parishioners.  Training is provided. Adults are invited to serve as well. Contact  Deacon Jay at or the parish office for more information.

Eucharistic Ministers of the Liturgy

These extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist assist the Presider in the distribution of the Eucharist during weekend and weekday liturgies. Training is provided for parishioners who are interested in becoming Eucharistic Ministers. Ministers serve on a rotating basis at the Masses of their choice. Contact Deacon Bill at  or the parish office for more information.

Gift Bearers

Families, couples or individual parishioners serve as Gift Bearers for the weekend liturgies. Groups or individuals are scheduled on a rotating basis at the Masses of their choice.  See Sign – up folder at the front entrance of Church.


Lectors proclaim the Word of God at weekday and weekend liturgies. They also lead the General Intercessions at weekend liturgies. A training workshop is provided for all interested in becoming Lectors. Lectors serve on a rotating basis during the Mass of their choice. Contact Deacon Bill at   or the parish office for more information.

Music Ministry of St. Ambrose Parish

The liturgical music choirs provide leadership in music for the weekend masses and special Para-liturgical prayer in the parish. 

For information on the different liturgical ministries, please contact the parish office at 466-2921.