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 April 2021 Newsletter

First, in NFP International we are not just teaching cheap and natural birth control. Not at all. We are unique in teaching ecological breastfeeding, the kind of breastfeeding that maximizes all the dose-related benefits of breastfeeding and also provides, on average, 14 to 15 months of breastfeeding amenorrhea and infertility. Couples who adopt ecological breastfeeding will probably save at least $1,000 with each baby by not using formula and special baby foods, and their babies will most likely experience better health.

Second, we teach all the common signs of fertility and infertility so that user couples can decide which ones they want to use. We teach all of this in the context of the Catholic Tradition of Christian discipleship. We can’t force this on anyone, but we think it’s important to see the meaning that God has built into the marriage act—that it ought to be a renewal of your marriage covenant, and we are unique in that teaching.

Considering the contemporary culture, we think our effort to place the whole issue of birth control and sexuality in the context of religion and morality is very important for the welfare of Western culture. We think President George Washington was correct when he said in his 1796 Farewell Address, “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports.”

May God bless you and your loved ones in a special way this Easter season.

                                                              March 2021 Newsletter

A recent NFPI Home Study Course student wrote, “[This course was] very thorough and informative, [it had] great practice charts, and it’s great to have all of the information to refer back to as needed. I would definitely say I gained A TON of new knowledge from taking this course, and I would definitely say I will benefit from learning it. I have learned so much about my body, and about the physical signs that my body exhibits according to when I am fertile and infertile. Prior to reading this, my ideas of NFP were the rhythm method, but there is SO much more to it than counting days on a calendar. It has been so cool learning the signs of my body’s natural processes.

And it has been beneficial to both my fiancé and me for us to learn about and reflect upon the spiritual and faith-based reasons of why Natural Family Planning is the best approach for growing our family once we are married”.

NFPI is unique in teaching the Covenant Theology of Sexuality, Ecological Breastfeeding, and the Dr. Prem method of systematic NFP. Please spread this good news to others!

The NFPI Home Study Course can be found at


 Steve Craig
Stephen Craig
Executive Director

 February 2021 Newsletter

My wife and I were newly married when we went to an NFP class in 1984. We learned about covenant theology of sexuality, ecological breastfeeding, and Dr. Prem’s sympto-thermal charting, as well as chaste abstinence during the fertile time, and generosity (with Christian prudence) in having children. It was great training. We became NFP instructors in 1992. 

In 2007, we had to recertify in the newly revised course material. Gone was the teaching of ecological breastfeeding and the covenant theology of the marriage act.  Then I saw that the new charting rules resulted in more days of abstinence (unnecessarily).  My wife and I quit teaching.  Also, I'm not aware that any NFP group other than NFPI now teaches the topics that I mentioned above. Happily, in 2009 my wife discovered that John and Sheila Kippley had formed NFP International, which taught the same great stuff we were used to from the old course. I contacted them to inquire if we could become teachers for NFPI, to which they agreed. 

So, if you want to reference a complete approach to NFP to engaged and married couples, the NFPI course is available.  

I want to emphasize especially the NFPI Home Study Course.  Some couples will learn much more with the self-paced Home Study Course because it consists of several tests, and that requires the students to actually read the material.  Keep in mind that most of our students take the course because a priest is requiring an NFP course as part of preparation for marriage.  It is a joy to receive thanks from formerly reluctant students.

A recent Home Study Course student couple wrote, “[The course] introduced the concepts clearly and touched on the biological, spiritual, and relational aspects of NFP. It gave us a clear idea of how to get started. We feel more confident after reading through this information. It has been a blessing, and we are looking forward to applying this information in our marriage”.

God bless you, your family, your community, and your ministries.

Steve Craig, Executive Director



                                                            January 2021 Newslette

Natural Family Planning International exists to help people learn the practice of natural family planning within the context of the teaching of the Catholic Church.

Our approach to natural family planning is The Complete Approach because it regards you as a complete person who is much more than just your fertility.  This approach is also the Original Content of the Triple Strand consisting of Ecological Breastfeeding, the Covenant theology of the marriage act, and the systematic natural family planning involving all the fertility signs.

Anyone can contact NFP International at

Sheila Kippley, co-founder, NFPI