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                                                             July 2021 Newsletter


Is it morally permissible for spouses to abstain from the marriage act during the fertile time for the specific purpose of avoiding pregnancy?  That issue didn’t become a live question until 1853.  About 1850 French veterinarians realized that mammals have a fertility cycle, and they speculated about humans.  For some time, they thought that the fertile time was the time of menstruation.  They could have been spared that error if they had paid attention to the biblical rules against the marriage act during menses and for another five days—rules inspired by God to help them have children.

Despite the factual error, the issue reached the Vatican, and in 1853 the Vatican stated that it is  morally permissible for spouses to abstain during the fertile time for purposes of avoiding pregnancy provided they had serious reasons and did not engage in immoral activities during the time of abstinence.  The issue was raised again in Spain, and in 1880 the Vatican reaffirmed its 1853 statement.  In Casti Connubii Pope Pius XI not only condemned contraceptive behaviors but also mentioned “virtuous continence which Christian law permits in matrimony when both parties consent…” (n. 53. Dec 31, 1930).

With regard to intent, I cannot think of any action, physical or spiritual, that cannot be made bad by a bad intention.  That’s why it is important for dioceses and parishes to require that NFP instruction provided under their auspices should include Catholic moral teaching including the call to generosity.  NFP instruction that is essentially just an amoral organ recital is seriously deficient.

John Kippley, Co-founder

                                                              June 2021 Newsletter


We remain very encouraged by the favorable comments of our Home Study Course students who have completed the course.  Please note that almost all our students are required to take the course as part of their parish preparation for marriage.  Here are some comments from last month.
“We’ve definitely gained new knowledge about women’s pregnancy and breastfeeding and the role the Church plays in the sanctity of marriage.”  (Texas, May 4)

“This was helpful information in order to start a family. As nurses, Jasmine and I have taken classes which have helped with gaining basic knowledge of the human body when it comes to family planning. This NFP manual has taught us more than just anatomy and physiology.  It has showed us the important ways and meaning in order to plan and build a family in the eyes of God. The tools provided to us such as the charts, the rules and information on breastfeeding are very beneficial and will be used. We will definitely recommend this to anyone who is wanting to learn information into family planning.”  (Texas, May 10)

“We have gained a lot of new knowledge from taking this course. Breastfeeding was very informative and the cultural practices that revolve around fertility after giving birth. We did not know that using pacifiers and other supplements would impact fertility. Now we know what and how to incorporate the NFP teachings and rules for the Catholic faith and for our future family.”  (Ohio, May 20)

I have learned a lot especially the benefits of NFP and also the risks associated with contraception. I’m glad to know how to track this now.”   (Nevada, May 25)

“As a future provider of health care, I have learned many things about natural family planning that will not only benefit me in daily life but will allow me to better educate my patients. This is the first time I have been introduced to natural family planning and it gave me an in-depth perspective on the values of the Catholic Church and how contraception is against the values of the Church. The witness testimonies were very helpful in showing me how people just like me who did not have the natural family planning course work under their belt may have been incorrectly practicing natural family planning but have now adjusted to the proper practices. This course will guide me through life with a proper understanding of natural family planning and the manual is very helpful in figuring out anything I have questions on.”  (Texas, May 27)

“This course was very informative and eye opening. It is incredible -- the natural signs your body provides you with to help achieve or prevent pregnancy and all the benefits from breastfeeding not only for the women but for the baby. This course was very helpful by providing examples.” (Florida, May 27)      

I feel privileged to help these couples prepare for Christian marriage.  It is a joy to see them grow in knowledge of science and faith; sometimes I see very real signs of conversion.  Please do what you can to get more and more couples to take the NFPI Home Study Course.  Priest readers, perhaps you can help other priests to see the merits of the NFPI "Complete Approach."

Sheila Kippley, Co-founder, NFPI

P.S. Here’s two possible bulletin announcements you could submit to nearby churches.

"Humanae Vitae teaches that it is acceptable for a couple to use natural family planning (NFP) if there is a sufficiently serious reason to postpone pregnancy. NFP can also be helpful for couples of marginal fertility who hope to achieve pregnancy. You can learn NFP at your own pace with the Home Study Course of NFP International at"

 “Learn NFP at home and at your own pace with the Home Study Course from NFP International at Includes Ecological Breastfeeding (it really can space babies), a double-check system of fertility awareness, and Catholic teaching that’s easy to understand. Work with a live instructor by email. Completion certificate. Only $70. We are listed at the U.S Bishops' website under NFP long distance learning:


 April 2021 Newsletter

First, in NFP International we are not just teaching cheap and natural birth control. Not at all. We are unique in teaching ecological breastfeeding, the kind of breastfeeding that maximizes all the dose-related benefits of breastfeeding and also provides, on average, 14 to 15 months of breastfeeding amenorrhea and infertility. Couples who adopt ecological breastfeeding will probably save at least $1,000 with each baby by not using formula and special baby foods, and their babies will most likely experience better health.

Second, we teach all the common signs of fertility and infertility so that user couples can decide which ones they want to use. We teach all of this in the context of the Catholic Tradition of Christian discipleship. We can’t force this on anyone, but we think it’s important to see the meaning that God has built into the marriage act—that it ought to be a renewal of your marriage covenant, and we are unique in that teaching.

Considering the contemporary culture, we think our effort to place the whole issue of birth control and sexuality in the context of religion and morality is very important for the welfare of Western culture. We think President George Washington was correct when he said in his 1796 Farewell Address, “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports.”

May God bless you and your loved ones in a special way this Easter season.