Dear Parishioners,
As we celebrate the end of the Christmas Season this weekend with the Baptism of the Lord, I commend you for the spirit of giving, caring and sharing so evident throughout the year.
I am appealing to the parishioners of St. Ambrose and guests who attend Mass in person to please wear a mask during liturgy.  Unfortunately, the omicron variant of the COVID virus has impacted many of our parishioners (senior adults, adults and children) in recent days.  While I know masks are not fool proof, I do believe they diminish the possibility of transmission of the COVID virus. The medical personnel I have spoken with encourage the same, even suggesting I require it for those who wish to worship at St. Ambrose.
I want everyone to feel welcome AND safe at St. Ambrose.  I do not intend to evict those who don’t comply to the request to wear a mask, but appeal to your sense of charity to do so for all those who worship with us.  
I also encourage those who are immunocompromised or feeling “under the weather” to participate in Mass via the livestream at least until this latest wave passes by.
This is not a dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass, but a reminder that we all have a responsibility to consider our personal health and the safety of those with whom we come into contact.  
I am aware of the diversity of opinions regarding this pandemic and the very strong feelings on all sides. As Christians, I invite all of us to rise above our differences and do what is best for the common good, even when we don’t feel like it or find it an inconvenience.  
One final reminder, primarily for our senior members:  when the weather is dangerous (ice and snow, bitter cold), please do not venture out. Take advantage of Mass on livestream or television and do a “Spiritual Communion”.  
Thank you for your cooperation.  God bless you and keep you and your families safe!