18 January 2022

The St. Ambrose Parish Pastoral Council, the St. Ambrose Parish Finance Council and the St. Ambrose Catholic School Board collectively agree that for the good of the Church and School, a new procedure will be utilized to authorize any fundraising efforts sponsored by the Church and/or School or affiliated organization. The rationale for this decision is based on the reality of numerous fundraisers taking place simultaneously and competing for financial support.  By spacing out fundraising opportunities, parishioners will not feel “bombarded” by requests, all of which are worthy of support. This applies to any fundraising involving sales and does not include collections of non-perishables, clothing, etc.

All fundraising efforts MUST receive the prior approval of the pastor in consultation with the Parish Pastoral Council.


At the bottom of this page you will find a form that is to completed and submitted to the pastor who will present it to the Pastoral Council for approval.  The form asks for THREE possible dates and times for the fundraising event.  Some events will take priority over all others, including AppleFest, the Golf Outing, Auction Dinner, Football Raffle, and CashBash.

Sales in the narthex (gathering space) at Church will be limited to one per weekend (in addition to SCRIP sales).

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Name/Title of Fundraiser/Event        ______________________________________________

Organization making request                  ______________________________________________

Contact Person/phone/email              ______________________________________________

Purpose of Fundraiser/Event                 ______________________________________________

First Choice Date/Time             ______________________________________________          

Second Choice/Date/Time       ______________________________________________

Third Choice/Date/Time          ______________________________________________

How long does the fundraiser last? (one day, a week, a month) _______________________________

ORGANIZATIONS INCLUDE, but are not limited to:  St. Ambrose Church, St. Ambrose School, SAPA, Space Camp, Women’s Club, Knights of Columbus, Scouts, St. Ambrose Outreach Organization, Youth Ministry. 

Please submit your request well in advance of your preferred dates. Other than emergency fundraising (tornado, flood, hurricane relief), or Diocesan collections, no requests will be granted less than two weeks out.


Form should be submitted to the Pastor of St. Ambrose Parish through the parish office. 



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