Fr. Jerry's Letter to the Editor

April 22, 2019 

Letter to the Editor

                        The  Love Story of Our Evolving Universe

Dear Reader, I hope you believe in evolution.  It is already a proven fact, but there are some folks who cannot accept it.  I invite everyone to keep reading this letter anyway.   Christianity is an evolutionary religion no doubt about it.   Thanks to the majestic energy of evolution and the wisdom of church leaders, our churches are beginning to co-create a new world with God.   Our best theologians, Protestant and Catholic, are calling the movement "The New Universe Story".    It is just getting recognized and I think we need to know about it.   It was Albert Einstein, who said, "Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind."  There is finally an effort today by our scientists and theologians to work together  and cooperate.  With their belief in the revealed Word of God and their knowledge of the scientific process of evolutions certain strides are being made that will effect the lives of all of us.   Something beautiful is happening; changes are being made across the cosmos without us.   We need to take responsibility and get on the bandwagon. 

First of all, people today should  have no need to be afraid by the results of   scientific research.  It took a paleontologist and theologian, Fr. Teilhard de Chardin (1881 - 1955), to declare that "Science does not disturb our faith; it helps us to know God better."   To reject evolution (the process by which all species develop from earlier forms) is like rejecting God. 

For Chardin the world in its deepest roots is penetrated with Jesus Christ.   The universe is evolving in ways that make us more aware of Christ's freedom to cause  new things blossom.   People of faith are beoming more conscious of Christ's overwhelming power to mold creation, by means of evolution, into the magnificent living organism beyond our dreams which his Father desires for us.  None of us knows what God has in mind; but we know that he always works for our good.                                                             

In Phillipians 3:20, we learn that, "the saving power of the Risen Savior brings all things into subjection to himself."  Christ sacrificed himself on the cross for sinful humans and the whole universe.   That is why Jesus Christ surely merits the title "King of the Universe."  Christ became incarnate for the salvation of his Father's creation.   He will draw humanity and the entire cosmos back to order and beauty.  For the whole cosmos is charged with the fire of Christ's tremendous love. 

So,  what are we to do?   We are to harness the energies of our own fire of love and reach out to the stars and planets with faith, hope and trust in God's presence everywhere. Protect the diversity of life here on Earth, and develop connections with all creatures in order to mingle together as a family.  We need to keep better care of our  home planet, Earth.  This is God's home too.  Dirty, polluted rivers, lakes and oceans are unacceptable to Him.  God deplores the earth's defaced mountains, the demolished forests, the enormous greed and selfishness of some foolish bigshots, as well as the outright disregard for millions of the poorest people whose lives are being sadly wasted.  

God knows that we can do better; and of course, we can.  Then God's beauty-filled spirit, the life giving energy of God, will surely welcome us one day, each one of us, into God's faithfully evolving universe.   

Are we convinced that there is a spiritual power at work in our daily lives and in the evolution of our planet?      Father Jerry Wickenhauser