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                                                             January 2023 Newsletter

One NFP instructor said:  The philosophy of the mucus-only method she taught “is that every woman is entitled to the knowledge of her fertility, so religion is not a part of the instruction in this method” even though the founders of the method were Catholic.   Below is John’s response.

John:  Even more important than every woman’s right to understand her fertility is her right to know God’s plan for the proper use of her sexuality.  The Great Commission of the Lord Jesus at his Ascension called for the apostles and their successors and co-workers to tell the Good News to the entire world, and to teach everything that he had commanded them.  Chapter 10 in St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans is highly applicable to the message of marital chastity.  To paraphrase, How can people be saved unless they believe and act properly, and how can they believe unless someone tells them…?

The Church is in a crisis today, and much of the problem is that too many Church leaders have treated the teaching of Humanae Vitae with benign neglect. At the same time, the leaders of the Church today are calling for a New Evangelization in which Catholics and others will become aware that it is Jesus Himself who is the Author of the teachings of the Church.

The subject matter of the NFP movement is at the heart of the sexuality crisis in the world, and a biology-only approach is no longer sufficient, if it ever was.  Participation in the NFP movement is a privilege, and it is also a call to exercise the New Evangelization.   This is not the time to hide under a bushel basket the very light that leads us.

Everyone has a God-given right to know that each and every act of sexual intercourse is intended by God to be exclusively a marriage act between heterosexual spouses married to each other.  Everyone has a right to know that the marriage act ought to reaffirm the commitment and caring love of the original marriage covenant.

Everyone has a God-given right to know about Ecological Breastfeeding, the kind of breastfeeding that really does provide a natural, abstinence-free, spacing of babies.

Everyone has a God-given right to know all the common, easily taught and detected signs of fertility and infertility.

And everyone has a right and a need to know that the Lord Jesus has given us a visible and tangible way of knowing the truth about the meaning of love and sexuality, namely, the Catholic Church led by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, a guidance promised repeatedly at the Last Supper. That’s part of the New Evangelization to which all Catholics are called.

John Kippley 

Co-founder and current volunteer

 December 2022 Newsletter

The NFPI manual, Natural Family Planning: The Complete Approach, is available on the home page of It costs $10, but for those who are truly poor, it is free.  Anyone may download the chart on the home page for free. Below are comments from those who appreciated the download of this manual.

“I really appreciated your Biblical foundation to marriage relationships. It helped my husband and me to really understand and follow God’s view of the marriage act. I recommend people getting married to read your Introduction in the NFP book because I think it is a lot more solid than most mainstream Christian views.”

“I was very appreciative that you made available the download version of the manual. I think that your approach is welcoming, educated and balanced. I love that you don’t hide the Catholicism, but also don’t shove it down people’s throats (who may be protestant/secularist). It is a beautiful way of inviting people to practice NFP, ecological breastfeeding and maybe see the beauty of Catholicism ;).”

“Thanks for the great resources, especially the manual!”

“We have begun reading the NFP manual and checking my temperature so we can keep an eye out for my fertility. We are both thoroughly enjoying eco-breastfeeding. We take our baby everywhere and both enjoy the extra cuddling at night, especially my husband who commutes for an hour each direction to work every day and misses the children sorely 5 days a week. Your book and website are truly a blessing to our whole family, offering us invaluable support in our battle to raise our family with God’s will and His plan instead of giving in to social pressure. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“The NFPI manual was very easy to read and understand, enabling quick use of NFP.  This is our first month using it.  We switched immediately from contraception, and we are already noticing a difference in our relationship.”
 “Thank you for providing this book online for small donations. My husband and I are converts to the Catholic faith and I wanted to start out right in all aspects, but we couldn’t afford several hundred for classes. Once we have the extra money I plan to take the NFPI home study course for a certificate.”

“We forgot to donate during the initial download of the manual, but we’ve since given $25.00. Hope it helps you help other people like me.”

“Thank YOU for providing this invaluable information without charging an arm and a leg.  I figure, if you want Catholics to practice NFP, it should be easy to get access to materials, and some people just don’t have money for fancy courses but still want to do what’s morally right.”

Sheila Kippley
Co-founder and current volunteer/Home Study Course Instructor

 October 2022 Newsletter

We think that every NFP program should mention morality, especially in connection with the abortifacient potential of hormonal birth control.  We have good reason to think that the idea of rejecting unnatural forms of birth control out of faith in the Spirit-led teaching of the Magisterium is lacking in some programs. 

We believe that the NFP course ought to be an agent of evangelization in the Church today.  Couples need to be affirmed in the Catholic belief that Jesus keeps his promises and that the Holy Spirit does lead the Magisterium to teach the truth.

Serious reason.  The teaching of the Church is clear: NFP is not just a form of “Catholic birth control” to enable couples to fit in with the culture.  It calls for generosity in having children and teaches that couples need sufficiently serious reasons for using NFP to postpone and avoid pregnancy.  On the other hand, we regularly read criticisms that “NFP” seems to mean “Not For Procreation” to many couples.  We listened to a priest representing an NFP organization tell an EWTN audience that he is on a campaign to eliminate the use of the term “serious reason” from the NFP vocabulary, despite that terminology being in section 10 of Humanae Vitae. We view with caution the effort to explain this solely in terms of “just cause” because that can come across in today’s culture in the Church as “just cuz,” totally different from the use of “just cause” to flesh out the need for “serious reason.”

We believe that the NFP course ought to address all these issues, teach the call to generosity, and explain the need for sufficiently serious reasons to use systematic NFP.


July 2022 Newsletter

Ecological Breastfeeding: Does It Work?

Yes, it does.  Ecological breastfeeding is a wonderful way to space the births of your children naturally. Below, some express their views on natural child spacing.  These comments illustrate that ecological breastfeeding should be part of all natural family planning instruction programs. 

“Our first three children came in three and a half years.  I remember the night I sat on my couch with a screaming infant, up for the third time in two hours, feeding him a bottle. I said out loud, with tears streaming down my face from exhaustion, ‘There has to be a better way to take care of my babies. It shouldn’t be this hard!’  I breastfed our third child for 25 months and fertility returned at 19 months postpartum.  I am still nursing my 18- month-old and have not had a cycle yet.  I have to wonder if the NFP movement is trying to make sure they don’t make waves for those mothers who go back to work not out of necessity but out of want.  I heard a priest in a homily say that 90% of Catholics contracept.  90%.  My jaw hit the floor.  That says a lot about NFP, eco-breastfeeding, and Catholic families today.  Continue your work despite the roadblocks. There are those of us who are listening.”

“I am SUCH a better parent because of ecological breastfeeding.  It’s the BEST way to raise a child, if possible!!  Sorry if I offended anyone by saying that.  This age is so funny.  If we speak the truth that one thing is better than something else, people try to quiet us, claiming that we are being judgmental or narrow-minded.”

“I don’t blame my Jewish friends for feeling overwhelmed after having 2 babies in one year and then getting on the pill for 5. It is extremely overwhelming. I do wonder though why we don’t learn the natural method for child spacing in school, in seminary, in kallah classes, etc. Why is it such a big secret? Why is it that when I tell this to my friends their eyes open wide and they say ‘Really? You spaced your babies without taking the pill!?’  Yes! Indeed, I used the inborn, natural, G-d given ability to nurse my babies so that Hashem can give me that space so I don’t have to use outside forces to prevent pregnancies.  I don’t think we were meant to have our babies a year apart; I do think we were meant to nurse.”

“Thank you for such a wonderful clearinghouse of information.  Now I have a site I can share with people who don’t understand why I nurse on demand or breastfeed my children beyond a year. I call it God Family Planning, and it has been a blessing in my life…. Ecological breastfeeding proved to be a great way of naturally spacing children.”

“I was 25 at the birth of my first child and am now 34.  With eco-breastfeeding, my children are spaced 2.5 to 3 years apart.  I have not needed to use any other method of NFP to space my children.” 

Sheila Kippley
Co-founder and current volunteer
NFP Internationa

June 2022  Newsletter

There can be no doubt that the Church promotes NFP as a way of providing practical help to live out the demands of chaste love in marriage.  And yet I think there is more.  In the publication of The Theology of the Body: Human Love in the Divine Plan, we get a clue from the title of Part Two: “Life according to the Spirit.”  As Christians, we are called to live according to the Spirit of God.  To put it briefly, the primary mission of the teaching Church is to evangelize the world, and that includes its own members.

Evangelization, then, is what I think is or should be the prime impetus behind the conscious efforts of the Church to promote and teach natural family planning.  The Gospel of Mark shows us that Jesus began his public teaching with a great summary of all that would follow.  “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent, and believe the Gospel.”  The fuller translation of “repent” is “Have a change of heart,” and believing in the Gospel is more than a purely intellectual acceptance of the teachings of Christ.  It is also a trusting faith.  To paraphrase a part of the Sermon on the Mount, “Don’t be anxious about the material things of life.  God knows you need these things.  Sure, you need to work, but seek first the kingdom of God and do his will and trust Him to take care of the rest of these things.”

The teaching of Christ as it comes to us through the Church calls married couples to authentic love.  We all know that.  And we have heard many times from the First Letter of St. John that “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.”  What about the opposite?  Can something close to perfect fear cast out love?  Why do some couples refuse to accept the teaching of the Church regarding marital love?  Isn’t it fear?  Specifically, isn’t it fear that another child in the family might bring anything from inconvenience to real hardship?  And isn’t there a fear either to accept the discipline and self-control involved in systematic NFP or a fear of an unplanned pregnancy?  In short, isn’t it a fear to have that change of heart that Jesus calls for, a change of heart that involves carrying the daily cross of self-control and trusting God and not just ourselves?  And isn’t a prime task of the Church to help its members to undergo that change of heart that allows real trust and casts out fear?

Call me crazy if you will, but I think the teaching Church should welcome the task of promoting and teaching NFP as a way to carry out its mission of evangelization in a very practical way.  After all, what other moral teachings of the Church affect so closely the lives of its adult members on a day-to-day basis?  As such, the Church should make sure that the NFP programs that operate under its umbrella are not just teaching anatomy but are consciously helping to carry out this mission.  That means that we who teach NFP have to learn and use the biblical language of evangelization—conversion and discipleship, faith and trust, hope and love, sin and repentance, prayer and fasting, Jesus as the Lord of lords and the King of kings.  We who teach natural family planning are blessed with the opportunity to share in the evangelization mission of the Church.  We need to thank God for this opportunity and do what we can to fulfill this responsibility.

John F. Kippley
Co-founder and current volunteer
NFP International

May  2022  Newsletter

God has wisely ordered laws of nature and the incidence of fertility in such a way that successive births are already naturally spaced through the inherent operation of these laws (Humanae Vitae, n.11).

While breastfeeding should be promoted for its many health benefits for mother and baby, in this newsletter I will direct my attention to the natural child spacing benefit of breastfeeding.

“After contraceptive use, breastfeeding duration is the major determinant of the birth interval length… In many countries the duration of breastfeeding is more important in determining the length of birth intervals than is contraceptive use” (Becker, Rutstein, & Labbok, “Estimation of Births Averted due to Breastfeeding and Increases in Levels of Contraception Needed to Substitute for Breastfeeding,” J. Biosocial Science, 2003, 35: 559- 560).

Breastfeeding is the strongest natural influence in spacing babies within an individual family and in maintaining a slow rate of population growth. As the researchers above stressed, in developing countries where contraceptive use is low it is rare to have birth intervals of less than two years, thanks to breastfeeding. They add: “Today [2003], it is clear that breastfeeding, as a major biological determinant of fertility return postpartum, contributes significantly to this interval” (Becker, Rutstein & Labbok, 559).

For me it is uplifting to hear a speaker rave about the mucus sign or the sympto-thermal method to couples, but, on the other hand, it is dismaying when the breastfeeding aspect of NFP is ignored at such events. The only organized NFP program in the U.S. that I know of that gives any serious attention to the form of breastfeeding that normally delays the return of fertility for over a year postpartum is NFP International. Catholic Nursing Mothers League also teaches eco-breastfeeding and natural child spacing.

With systematic natural family planning, the couple deals with fertility on a regular basis with their cycles. Many of these couples abstain during the fertile time of each cycle to avoid pregnancy. With breastfeeding the couple deals with infertility. Breastfeeding couples usually enjoy a year or more of infertility, and thus abstinence is often not an issue. Breastfeeding Catholics might practice abstinence for spiritual reasons during Advent and Lent, or periodically at other times, but abstinence is not required for spacing purposes when a couple breastfeeds properly. I use the term “couple” because a mom who is doing ecological breastfeeding definitely needs the support of her husband in a bottle-feeding culture.

What we need in our Church and in our society is a strong emphasis on natural child spacing so couples will learn how to use breastfeeding to space their babies. Wouldn’t it be a teaching moment to have a conference on natural child spacing with speakers who have experienced this aspect of breastfeeding in their professional work or in their personal life? There are still countries or areas where breastfeeding is the primary family planning method. Couples from these countries would have much to share with us.

Dr. Roger Short from the Department of Physiology at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia contributed to the United Nations symposium report on Nutrition and Population Links – Breastfeeding, Family Planning and Child Health (Nutrition Policy Discussion Paper No. 11, May 1992). Dr. Short concluded:
Since the dawn of civilization, we have been interfering with breastfeeding. The rearing of infants on artificial foods has been the largest uncontrolled clinical experiment ever undertaken, and it is still going on, despite the disastrous consequences. It has brought untold suffering, disease and death to countless millions of babies. The erosion of breastfeeding’s natural contraceptive effect has been a major factor in bringing about the recent explosive growth of the human population. There is no cheaper or more effective way of improving maternal and infant health and lowering fertility, than the promotion of breastfeeding. (Ch. 4: Breastfeeding, Fertility and Population Growth, p. 11) 

Sheila Kippley
Co-founder and current volunteer
NFP International

March  2022  Newsletter

In my opinion, the real purpose of NFP instruction sponsored by the Catholic Church is to evangelize Catholics, other Christians, and anyone who will listen.  Yes, the practice of NFP is safe and healthy; yes, it is very helpful for achieving pregnancy and highly effective for avoiding it; but the greatest benefit to the Catholic Church is that the right kind of NFP course can be an effective vehicle for conveying a very basic lesson in morality—do good and avoid evil. 

Do good by being generous in having children, looking upon them as gifts of the Lord, and bringing them up in the ways of the Lord.  Avoid evil by not engaging in the evil of contraceptive behaviors and the use of potentially abortifacient drugs and devices. 

Do good by appreciating the fact that the Holy Spirit guides the Church through its magisterium.  Avoid harm to your health by not using potentially harmful methods of birth control.  Avoid harm to your marriage by making sure that your marriage acts reflect the unreserved self-gift you vowed on your wedding day. 

John F. Kippley
Co-founder and current volunteer
NFP International

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